Nelly Murariu

Artistic Director

Nelly Murariu is a book designer with more than six years of experience and considers herself blessed with being able to do what they love. She started learning graphic design on her own back in 2008, and although it wasn’t easy, her patience and ambition have paid off. What Nelly loves most about designing books is that it gives her the chance to meet and know some amazing people. Although most of them live across oceans, she feels close to each one of them. Her clients have become her best friends and family!  Nelly will always be grateful for their vote of trust and support. She gives credit to all of them for being in her life!

"There is an organ in the body that, if it is righteous, ensures that the whole system will be righteous; and if corrupt, the whole body will become corrupt. This organ is the heart."

~ Hadith