Cinda Stevens Lonsway was inspired to write this rhyming story when her older son, then 2
years old decided he no longer wanted peas with his supper. He sent them flying everywhere. A
week later, a random pea found its way back home. “Where have you been?” Cinda wondered
and a story was born.

       When her kids were young, she read this poem for their preschool and kindergarten
classes. She would give each child a green puff ball attached to a string for them to toss around
and participate in the pea’s adventure. The first printing of this book was a surprise gift to Cinda
from her husband—he scored major points with her for doing so.

ePub Tommy T and The Pea That Got Away by Cinda Stevens Lonsway

    • ePub
    • ​Publisher: new72publishing
    • Publication date: February 2018
    • ISBN: 978-1-946054-09-8 (e)