Cinda Stevens Lonsway was inspired to write a book for children when her older son, then 2 years old, decided he no longer wanted peas with his supper. He sent them flying everywhere. A week later, a random pea found its way back home. “Where have you been?” Cinda wondered, and the story was born. When she read this poem for her sons’ preschool and kindergarten classes, she gave each child a green puffball attached to a string for them to toss around and participate in the pea’s adventure. Tommy T and the Pea That Got Away was published after her first book, I Know Now: From Violence to Victory, Trauma to Truth. An Oregon native, Cinda lives with her husband and beloved pets near Portland.

Tommy T and the Pea That Got Away by Cinda Stevens Lonsway

    • Hardback
    • ​Publisher: new72publishing
    • Publication date: February 2018
    • ​Pages: 
    • Size: 11 x 8.5
    • ISBN: 978-1-946054-08-1
    • Print Type: Color